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          Recruitment Management | intelligent upgrade

          Intelligent recruitment comprehensive solution

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          Intelligent recruitment

          Recruitment status

          Busy, but can't recruit the right person? Switching back and forth between multiple recruitment websites is time-consuming and laborious? Hundreds of resumes are screened, but few are reliable? Low efficiency of offline repeated communication and collaboration? Is it difficult to resume recruitment progress, stage transformation and channel contribution?

          Post-95 management

          Now the post-90s and post-00s are pouring into the workplace, and candidates and enterprises have entered a "mutual election war". Screening is more annoying and entry is more difficult... If you want to "cram" again in the peak recruitment season next year, I'm afraid "Buddha will give you a kick".

          Adjustment strategy

          With the change of economic environment and regulatory environment, many enterprises are slowing down. Endless expansion is no longer the first choice, and refined operation has become a necessity. HR needs to sort out the recruitment process as a whole and clarify the layers of resistance of traditional talent recruitment.

          Recruitment cost

          As the recruitment cost of each channel increases and the resume cost increases, how can HR optimize the channel cost, count the channel conversion rate, and finally improve the recruitment efficiency?

          Integrated intelligent recruitment platform

          Science and technology enables enterprises to build an integrated information platform, build a talent supply chain, improve talent management efficiency and strengthen enterprise talent competitiveness.

          Operation system of adaptive service

          Comprehensively coordinate the internal recruitment system process of the enterprise, optimize all recruitment channels, centrally manage recruitment information on a platform, accurately evaluate talents, and improve the employer brand of the enterprise.

          Recruitment management whole process closed loop

          From recruitment plan to job release, from resume screening to interview evaluation, from offering to induction management, huanque system fits different recruitment business scenarios of the enterprise to realize the closed-loop and automation of the whole process of recruitment management

          Multi role collaboration

          Mobile phone has become a mobile workbench, multi role collaborative and efficient recruitment

          Match enterprise talent planning

          Formulate talent planning according to business development. Huanque system carries out recruitment demand management according to normal conditions, supports business scenarios such as online creation, approval, associated position, closing and multi role collaboration of recruitment demand, and realizes standardized and rational management of recruitment source

          Set position management

          Position management recruitment needs, release all channels with one click, standardize management positions, present information in a complete list, display data intuitively in the system, and master the recruitment progress at any time.

          Recruitment highlights function

          Unified channel integration and management, accurate resume analysis, paperless recruitment process and data-driven recruitment upgrading

          Choice of trust for medium and large enterprises

          One stop human resource service really helps enterprises develop at a high speed

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          Alibaba cloud security support
          ISO certification
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          Bank level network encrypted communication

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