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          Contactless recruitment

          Comprehensive solution for contactless recruitment

          Get detailed solutions
          Contact a professional consultant
          Industry challenges Digital upgrade Value proposition Customer case

          Recruitment difficulties in special period

          Suspension of offline recruitment and insufficient talent reserve

          Traditional interview difficult candidates difficult to meet

          Multi location collaborative office Recruitment is difficult to coordinate

          Recruitment data is difficult to collect Low HR efficiency

          Digital platform + professional services

          Human resource solution provider providing complete service system

          Technology enabled enterprise
          Human resources services

          Huanque empowers enterprise human resources services with science and technology by creating an integrated HCM solution required by the enterprise. HR based on cutting-edge service architecture With SaaS as the core, artificial intelligence and big data technology are applied to realize the intellectualization of human resource management. Help enterprises build an integrated human resources information platform, build a talent supply chain and improve the competitiveness of enterprises' talents. At the same time, it provides data analysis and insight to digitize and visualize per capita effectiveness and organizational ability.

          Open and face-to-face, more "foresight"

          Even if there is no candidate, the candidate's resume can be automatically pushed to the interviewer to achieve thousands of people and thousands of faces

          AI intelligent resume analysis

          Huanque has its own patented resume analysis technology, which can automatically classify key fields and contents, realize one-stop hosting, and process a large number of resumes quickly and efficiently!

          Efficient mobile office collaboration

          From recruitment plan to job release, from resume screening to interview evaluation, from offering to induction management, huanque system fits different recruitment business scenarios of the enterprise to realize the closed-loop and automation of the whole process of recruitment management

          Build an exclusive talent pool for enterprises

          A variety of talent warehousing methods to automatically obtain resume resources from major channels; Collect a large number of resumes with one click, and there is no need to filter and automatically match positions!

          One click generation of recruitment statistics report

          Comprehensively analyze multi-dimensional reports, monitor the contribution of different channels to recruitment needs, and present all kinds of data in real time, so that you can have a targeted choice of channels;

          Cloud induction smart management

          Online signing of electronic contracts, online preview of watermarked personnel files and data, and contactless management throughout the process;

          Choice of trust for medium and large enterprises

          One stop human resource service really helps enterprises develop at a high speed

          Customize your own solution

          Scan code to obtain exclusive Consultant

          Alibaba cloud security support
          ISO certification
          Data isolation
          Bank level network encrypted communication

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