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          Ten sharp tools for remote management

          Enterprise remote management solution

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          Management difficulties Digital upgrade Ten sharp weapons Customer case

          Remote management difficulties

          Coordination difficulty

          Difficulties in multi online collaboration between managers and employees in different places

          Recruitment difficulty

          Long interview process in different places. If there is no online tool to support recruitment, the cost is efficient and low

          Employment difficulty

          The recruitment cycle is long, the approval process is long, and the entry risk of candidates is high

          Employment risk

          The employment situation is unknown, the employment data file is not archived online, resulting in opaque information, deviation in remote management, and personnel information may miss the time of contract signing or employment confirmation

          Digital platform + professional services

          Hr solutions provider to provide a complete service system

          Technology empowers enterprises
          Human Resource Services

          By creating integrated HCM solutions required by enterprises, Huanque enables manufacturing human resources services with science and technology. HR SaaS based on cutting-edge service architecture as the core, the application of artificial intelligence and big data technology, to achieve intelligent human resource management. Assist enterprises to build an integrated human resource information platform, build a talent supply chain, and enhance their talent competitiveness. It also provides data analysis and insight to digitize and visualize per capita effectiveness and organizational capabilities.

          Recruitment demand Management

          Online management covering the whole process of recruitment demand creation, submission, approval and so on, easily realize the three-way linkage of demand, position and offer; Automatic verification of demand and preparation, intelligent synchronization with enterprise preparation, with data driven recruitment efficiency.

          The interview management

          Recruitment process visual management, resume delivery, interview notice, interview process, interview evaluation record, break the traditional interview mode, instant interview, support video/audio and other online multi-person free interview, so that HR has more "foresight"

          Assessment test

          Multi-dimensional occupational personality and ability assessment, comprehensive assessment of job competency, engagement, leadership and other workplace skills, to help enterprises to acquire high-potential talents.

          Recruitment management

          Online collection of background investigation, physical examination, certification and other information, automatic archiving of employee files, efficient coordination, time and effort saving.

          Smart Resume Library

          A variety of talent entry methods, "resume assistant" automatically access to resume resources from various channels, AI intelligence analysis of resume, make resume screening more efficient


          One-click all-channel release of job information, and say goodbye to multiple accounts, one-station management of positions and resumes, and the introduction of highly matched talents. Post recommendation posters automatically generated, connections fission, so that contacts circle has become your exclusive platform for recruitment.

          Hiring the stands

          Multi-dimensional talent data statistics and real-time AI intelligent report analysis make talent recruitment data-oriented and intelligent

          Channel management

          Comprehensive tracking of social recruitment, school recruitment, headhunting, internal competition and other channels; Real-time analysis of channel effectiveness, accurate delivery, effectively reduce recruitment costs.

          Choice of trust for medium and large enterprises

          One stop human resource service really helps enterprises develop at a high speed

          Customize your own solution

          Scan code to obtain exclusive Consultant

          Alibaba cloud security support
          ISO certification
          Data isolation
          Bank level network encrypted communication

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